Jimpsie Ayres

I grew up on a farm in the South. Our playmates were the trees and birds, animals, and whatever we could make ourselves: paper dolls, snowflakes, dioramas for our toy horses, drawings. . . lots of drawings. From an early age I understood art and imagination to be a way to enter into a realm of unlimited possibility.

We spent most of our time outside and in the woods, so it has been a natural progression for me to be interested in landscape painting. I love organic plant forms contrasted against the planar shapes of the earth, the ever-changing sky and water. To be outside, a silent onlooker as sunrise becomes morning and then afternoon, is when I am happiest. To record my observations and feelings on canvas feels like a secret privilege.

The only thing I know for sure is that beauty is a nonverbal truth, able to move the hearts and minds of people into the realm of unlimited possibility. I want my work to serve as an entry point into that transcendent landscape.

Askew Nixon Ferguson, Architects
Conaway Brown Advertising
Independent Bank
Marsh Companies
Renasant Bank
The Rutland Group
Southeastern Asset Management
Methodist University Hospital Hospice Facility, Memphis

Juror, River Arts Festival Memphis, 2011
Master Teacher, River Arts Project with Arts in the Schools, Memphis City Schools, 2011 Thirteenth Annual Online Judaeo-Christian Art Exhibit, Upstream People Gallery Featured on the Episcopal Cafe website, February 2011
Artist Representing Grace-St. Luke’s Church, Episcopal Diocesan Convention 2011 Festival Artist, River Arts Festival Memphis, 2010
Juror, River Arts Festival Memphis, 2010
Arkansas Arts Center, 52nd Annual Delta Exhibition, 2010
St. Elisabeth’s Art Exhibit, 2009
Women’s Foundation of Memphis, Tribute Artist 2008
Grace-St. Luke’s Church Art & Soul Festival, 2006
Featured artist in At Home in Memphis magazine, June 2002
Art Center’s Artist of the Month for April 2001


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